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Episode 1: The Crew Gathers…

It would only seem fitting that the discussion during the first  episode of the Informant Podcast revolves around the newly released Missions.  This is the introduction show as the crew gathers giving Chester, Jen and Pete an opportunity to explain their strengths as they move on the mission of a lifetime.  Join us for an exciting and informative episode of the Informant Podcast.

  • Nice podcast. Looking forward to the next one.

  • hey, glad to hear about the podcast

    hope it makes it to becomeing a itunes subscription soon

  • I Jump in it…will ou send me a link to the Switcher please… I know little about these things, including gaming and computers, but told it is a very useful tool..TY Jim

  • Love it! Thanks for doing this… the sound effects are hilarious.

  • Great! I loved the baby crying when commenting missions! LMAO

    About all good loot available at this moment, so would be a good idea to star a fighter account now?

  • @Jim if you mean switch. It is located here.


  • I enjoyed this. The intro music was a little long but the info is great and I am so glad to hear that we have bmlet to show me who is not finishing the missions that I help in. I have been writing them down and keeping track..THANKS

  • Thanks for the bookmarklet I have clicked on about 6 missions that are dead that I am waiting on other people to complete. Now I can get the owner to find someone else to get them done.

  • About the war feature… I love it because I think it’s been hard to get the achievement until now. For a long time the war deal on the streamer didn’t ever work me. So now I feel like I might actually be able to get it!

  • Great info.. Over all enjoyable~

    But please lose the sound effect’s mainly the crying baby it was enough to turn it off, but I endured to give this a chance~~ Spock ON

  • very nice, hope to have more. kudos to team spockholm

  • Not bad for a first go. Techno/dance intro sux. Does anybody really listen to that stuff? Industrial may be a lil easier on the ears. (Ministry – New World Order?)

    GLITCHES and strategies will be covered as well i hope.

    Your friend @ Mafia Wars Help…

    Darren “Fozzie” Foskett

  • Great Podcast. I have to say, the missions are not as difficult to achieve as everyone says, at least when it comes to my missions getting completed. I have had problems with missions others post me on not getting completed by others, but the stamina hits are maybe between 20-40 and if you have been pretty evenly distributed with your skill, it just isn’t a problem. I am winning over 80% of my fights if I am attacking and much less when being hit, but I started keeping about a 200-300 skill point gap between my att and def. I just don’t care anymore if I get hit. The game has sped up way too much to worry about some guy hitting. I also have never aligned myself with a family or spent a dime on the game, so fights are just a way for me to gain experience and progress. I will say the Bangkok missions are a bit overpriced and I have had to put more emphasis on earning Baht to get through. I don’t think the loot is worth it any longer since missions will buffer your loot deficiency. I am not a 100,000 player but I am in the upper 90s so I imagine it will get more even as missions play out.

  • Loved the podcast. Need more of them with tips and tricks.

  • Very good! I just hope the all the players get a chance to listen to this,I have real friends that play this game,But none of them take it to seriously and it’s GREAT to get advice from real players you can trust!!

  • I really enjoyed this… and am planning on making a habit of listening each Friday. Will you ever consider putting all of your tutorials in one place where I can find them? Thanks for all of the great work that you folks do to make this game workable !!

  • Very cool what would be nice is a blip with the hints like the animals that were discussed, where the drop, A/D things like that. I liked it!

  • Liked the info, the baby and intro music would have made me quit the podcast if not for being warned ahead of time.

  • I read back my post and was hoping it didn’t sound harsh… Meant to add an lol to that comment. Was all in fun. You could play, “Taps”, and i’d still listen.
    Great job and keep up the great work. Without you guys Mafia Wars would suck ass!

  • Loved the show. Thanks for sharing useful info that can help with my addiction. Cheers.

  • Awesome podcast. You guys rock!

  • good job also nice to hear im not the only one that has only completed ny and cuba as im doing my best to become a good fighter filled 10 or so minutes so thank you 🙂 and pete keep up the good work ty

  • Hey Man,

    This was good. Keep it up. 😀

  • Nice start! Wish you all the very best Pete!

  • How can I subscribe to the pod Cast so I can put it into my radio player I have like I did with the evailEd show

    • @Cedric
      You can subscribe at iTunes: iTunes podcast
      or our RSS feed: RSS
      Thanks for listening! ~ Chainsaw

  • Great info!! Look forward to listening on a regular basis..

  • Outstanding, looking forward to more. That “Chainsaw” guy sounds kinda wack!!!

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  • I am your next stalker! Subscription is the beginning x

  • Thanks for good stuff

  • Thanks for the info

  • Good article

  • Thanks for the heads up we will make that more prominent.

  • Hello, Im happy theres some show out there about mafia wars. But I was thinking about what chris chester said about not finnishing cities and destinations in mafia wars couse of lack of energi points in the game. You forgot to mention that there now is an old city bonus for going back and finnishing the masterys on the jobs.

    • Actually we do cover that in a later Episode. We appreciate the information though. Thanks. The Informant Crew

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