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Episode 5: Mafia Wars Time Machine

This show is loaded to the hilt, but what would you expect from the Informers. The Crew takes a step back in time and discusses how they started when they first built there players. They discuss player character types, changes that have occurred over the years, and how to get to the magic 501 family. Ever wonder how to spend your skill points? What about which Weapons, Armor and Cars to build? Ever wonder how to collect your gifts quickly, check out JGrabAllGifts by Josh MIller,  over at  We have also announced our 2k Lotto Winner, Kellie Miller. It was a Great show we hope you enjoy.

  • thank you guys SO much for making this up!
    always a fun and interesting time to listen to your podcast!
    PLEASE keep up your AMAYING work!!!

  • uhhmmm…
    *PLEASE keep up your AMAZING work!!! LOL
    sorry for the spam 🙂

  • Fearless is not necessarily worthless. The top mafia bonus is zero energy used on jobs, which is helpful when you have little energy and you are putting all your points in A/D and stamina. Also fearless is the only character that can become a wheelman.

  • Another great show. Thanks to Pistol Pete in reminding me about the skill boost from buying in the Port. New city, and forgot about this nice new feature. Keep up the fantastic broadcasts.

  • Cheers for the information and thanks for the work put in, one day I will learn pmsl

  • Note guys, the Fearless had their Bonus changed a while back. They now regenerate Stamina 3 minutes regularly and 2:30 minutes after receiving the Chain Saw Bayonet.

    Additionally, at the same time Moguls now gain 40% more money from doing jobs than the other players. Not sure if us moguls are still getting the 5% bonus on Properties or not.

    Otherwise, very nice job on this guys. No nonsense. Straight forward and *gasp* Informative.

    Cheers, Keep it up.

  • Sorry, guys… I had to stop listening to this one… I kept listening trough the error in fearless description, but when you kept pushing to put all points into energy, that was it for me. I couldn’t believe it was coming from a clan specialist.
    I made the energy error when i started out. There was only one page in New York, btw. I will only recover that error by starting over. that ain’t happenin. 🙂
    New York is the key i agree but the cities will ALWAYS be there and burning through ANY of it at top speed is for suckers.
    WAY off when explaining how to dish out skills, A fighter will never be turned from an energy player. Unless you get out your plastic.

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