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Episode 7: BRAAIINNZZZ!! – Halloween Special

This Episode is an Early Release for Monday.  It was taped to give the Crew time to spend Halloween with their Families.  Since here at the Informant Podcast “Family is First”.

We are honored and privileged to have our very first guest, so we decided to go big!!! With it being Halloween and all, we invited  Melissa Cowan, the face of the new AMC series “The Walking Dead” to come on and spend some time with the Crew. Iit was fascinating the process she goes through to become the character. Pistol Pete asks a whopper of a question, and Jen gets a little more information on Melissa’s Role on Vampire Diaries.

What does this have to do with Mafia Wars you may ask, well nothing.  Although she does have a level 4 Maniac character and we are working to try and bring her back to the game. Funny enough she started Mafia Wars to get a Cafe’ World bonus.  Exactly opposite of us. Go figure.

Tune in,  we are sure you will enjoy this special Halloween edition and interview, on the Informant Podcast.

  • Downloading, thanks for the episode

  • Walking Dead… Best show on t.v.
    Can’t wait for the next season!
    If a Nechropheliac is into dead people, wouldn’t someone who’s into zombies A.K.A the undead, be an Unnechropheliac?

  • Great job!

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