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Episode 9: A Few Short Of A Full Capo

The Crew is a little short today. Leaving Pistol Pete and Jennifer the Mafia Wars Loot Lady to secure down the Safehouse by themselves. Jennifer discusses all the new FHEL loot available from fighting, and which are gift-able and which are not. A philosophical debate occurs around the idea of the Zyngons requiring live player to get fighting loot, might actually be detrimental to low level players. The crew gets into some of the Proposed features of the current Pentagon mission.  Pistol Pete explores the world of Bmlets with the latest creation from the Spockholm tech labs. The Free-gift Get-A-Nator, which seeks out FB status posts with Link-A-Nator links, and then displays them grouped by item type.  The Friends Ladder move was discussed briefly. Just another show packed with info.  So tune in.

  • Another informative show. Thanks again for keeping us up to date on the latest buzz. It’s always a nice addition to the day when I can sit back and soak in the news. Cheers.

  • Best one since the first two for information. I just wish i would have listened when it was more current.
    Keep up the great work!!

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