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Episode 10: The “Other Guys” Avoid a Spam Ring

The Crew thanks the Men and Women of the Armed Services on Veteran’s Day. Zynga releases a Special Loot Item the Deep 6 for the holiday. The big talk is the new Rumble in Russia Event. Built in the same structure of the Beat the Feds. The event will be rolled out in a Staggered Format to reduce server load. Pistol Pete talks about the public release of the Italy Boss Fighter and how the standard Boss fighter should be used with the Rumble in Moscow Event. We have another contest in the works, the Thanks-Giving it Away Event. Some great prizes are up for grabs. Chester and Jana gives the low down on some Mafia Players for Charity Events and how to go about getting recruited.  Enjoy.

  • Another great show! You guys (and gals) rule!

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