Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 14: Happy Belated Turkey Day

This show was recorded on Tuesday, so the crew could celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. Jana shows off he psychic ability regarding the new Weapons Items. Pistol Pete does not have a deliberate Spockholm report. However, it is very apparent Bmlets have an impact because a couple of existing ones weave their way into the conversion. Jennifer does what she does best and fills in all the details, the rest of us skim over. Also she talks about a new option for mission completion, and the different character analyzers. The Chainsaw switched to a Fearless class, and likes it.  He really, really, likes it. We continue to define the nomenclature of the Mafia Wars character types and a new one emerges (you gotta hear this one). We have a new tip dropped on the hot-line to be played. The Thanks-Giving it all away contest is wrapping up.  We will give everyone a little more time to get your name in on the discussion. Our winners will be draw promptly and will be announced on Monday’s Show.

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