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Episode 15: The Butcher of Names

Jennifer, Jana, and Pete run this one without [MIG] Chainsaw Chester, he took the night off. No worries, though, the Crew had no problem filling the time. Pistol Pete discusses recent changes to Link-A-Nator, Get-A-Nator, and Mugger. He also takes a few minutes to jump on his Scriptwriters soapbox and tackles the TOS. Jennifer details the Black Friday Raid, and functionality that existed and was yanked (Zynga’d) from the players.  We take some messages from the TIP line. Chuck Elliott a.k.a. MIGlet Churck the Turk suggested a great name for a Balanced player (The Equalizer). While Va!bhaV Deshmukh shared some great topics to be discussed on future shows and a great story about his roomies and how they play mafia wars. We announced the Thanks-Giving It Away contest winners. Congrats to our Grand Prize winner of a $25 Mafia Wars Gift card Kim Winiavski-Antonelli, our Second Place winner Nader Nimri Diamond and Lotto Set, and Third Place winner Ed Black- Stats Package.

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