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Episode 16: Spocklets Unite!!

Seems like we cannot get the entire crew together these days.  Jennifer has the night off, so Chester, Jana, and Pete are left on their own.  In light of the new Christmas Mission being released Pistol Pete discusses the latest addition to the Nator Family the Mission-a-Nator released this week by Martin.  Pete mentions the new site for managing tickets at Spockholm it is located at   The Top Mafia is discussed a bit, including the infamous new Top Mafia page that begun Spam Fest 2010.  Mr. 3000 returns. If you are him contact us please with information to get back to you.

  • THe part of the show that you were talking about when someone changes class. I changed from mogul to manic, and I’m still getting all the bonuses from when i was a mogul.

    As long as the person doesn’t remove but promotes over that spot you still get the bonus.

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