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Episode 26: What Are These Spocklets, Anyway?

The Crew gathers to cover a lot of info.  Pistol Pete covers BMlets a.k.a Spocklets.  Basically a beginners guide. Jennifer shares some great articles on her Blog with walk through steps of getting starting.  She also talks about the total number of Missions that are available in the game, and that there is currently only so many available in the game. However, more might come in the future.  The Crew would like Zynga to expose more stats from with in the game.  The Green Hornet Event is out but is very quick to get your 7 items. “It was so easy even a Chester could do it”. Speaking of [MIG] Chainsaw Chester he takes some time responding to the rants that have come in. Especially, regarding producing more shows and a longer episodes. We also get to chat briefly about Trader Goh’s Pawn Shop, and a new Segment coming for all the Trader’s out there.

  • What!!!??? You can use switch to go from FB to MW? Ah, Man. Someone kick me in the head. I use using a Greasemonkey script to go to profile page from FB page, and that quit working after FB change a while back.

    Now that I look I see it says from MW to FB and FB to MW. Has it always been that way? Man, I cannot believe I overlooked that. Oh, Well. At least it was mentioned.

    Thanks, Guys.

  • First time I’ve actually listened to one of the Podcasts– Great stuff, really nice radio voices you all have. I love it and thank you all for your hard work and most especially for sharing it with us all 🙂

  • ps– the reason I was listening is to see if I could find something to share with my lower level MW family so that they could understand how to do bm’s and the value of them. Any particular podcast that would be good for beginners?

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