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Episode 27: When it Rains it Pours. So Better Late than Never

Our apologizes for this late posting of the show. The Title of the show should explain it all. We had machine crashes. Internet Issues., you name it and it seems to have hit.  Nevertheless , Here goes. The gang gathers to discuss the snow in their various neck of the woods. Pistol Pete lets us in on two new Spocklets (bookmarklets) in the works over at Team Spockholm. Jennifer and the crew talk about the Loyalty Program, Grave Robbery, Trader No-Goh and Customer Support Live Chat. Chester announces a new Trading Information Page and creates a new contest around it.

Tune-in users let us know if this Episode works better.

  • You will be fine and pull thru this ambition rules! And an effortless team never fails…good luck Oh BTW that GODFATHER LOGO IS COPYRIGHTED be careful!(unless you have permission of course) Happy 2011

  • hey how i can see in how mafia i am promoted?
    it will remove achievements?
    please tell me
    you can say it in next podcast

  • Hello to everyone at the Podcast!!!

    @ Zlatko. To see how many of your mafia have promoted you to their TopMafia.

    Simply choose someone in your mafia who is a low level player. eg: level 7ish

    Go to their mafia profile, then their “achievements” page.
    Look for the “Its good to be king” achievement.
    Because they are low level, they will not have that one yet.
    It will show YOUR stats 🙂
    Enjoy… SPOCK ON!!!


  • hi… just to say that i have been speaking with a few people over the crashes of 13/01/2011, people thought this was again a bookmarklet hunt down. I asked around a bit in a few good places and the story i got was it was a massive zynga crash of there servers, this being backed up by the loss of 2 minutes of gameplay for 4 of the server groups… being heavily into trading i note that around 1% of people had lost items and looking into long sends where a portion in the middle had been lost and gifts not sent and put back to inventory would support that the backup device switch over lost some data… I further heard this was a crash due to the release of italy section 6 to 8..anyway i wanted further affirmation of that and a fix date if this is the true story…. as everyone is eagerly awaiting new content to play…..

    ps your show is great… loot lady i follow your blogs and your awesome.. spock you all rock

    a personal message to spock i feel that the thread in spock for bagman mugger is very much abused as an addme thread and find that if you relied on this as a gift capture device it is very time consuming and not very lucrative as no one seems to update there favorite quotes very regularly after trying it for a while (i still do to help out new mafia playing around with the script for first time).. i feel a link o nator group (of which there are a few) pulling specific RAW sets of links where we are all family is much better and would ask that you add a url button onto the muganator to get muganator to pull data from a specific url i will include a “capture” in this thread to further show what i mean.. thank you all for listening and helping us all so much for so long.
    so if we can somehow incorporate that within mugger it would help the group im involved with

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