Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 31: Sleeping with the Fishes, or Was That Sharks?

The Informant Podcast Crew returns for an all out attack on the Shark Tank changes. We discuss the Recent Survey and wonder what impact it will really have. Jennifer covers the lack of the Beta Player Updates, and the Similarities in Trader Goh’s new Mission text, and the verbiage we used in our Trader No Goh spoof, coincidence we think not.   [MIG] Chainsaw Chester responds to a couple of emails sent via the tip line. While [MIG] Churk the Turk is back to provide a review on the one of the specific trading groups, Elite Trading Club. In addition , he also fills us in on the recent slump in the trading community.

  • Pete … I mean Trader Goh. Once again you crack me up.

    And thanks for the discussion about trading.

  • I’m so flattered that I got mentioned in the middle of discussing about rants and Zynga faults and the other stuff…keep it up guys. (blushes) 🙂

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