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Episode 32: When in Rome…

Well it is here. Italy Chapters 6,7,8 and all their glory. Lots to do and lots to collect. Jen fills us in on the obstacles to completing these Chapters quickly. Lots of detailed information. We discuss new loot drops across the game and how it affects gameplay. Pistol Pete from Spockholm, shares information on the newly released Spocklet, “The Marketplace FC Buyer”. He also shares some information on the Tournament Fighter Spocklet (Which has actually released after the recording of the show). Trader No-Goh decides to leave his Nephew in the charge of the shop while on business in Italy. This is a multi-part saga so stay tuned. [MIG] Chainsaw Chester and [MIG]’s Jana respond to a email regarding building a character and touches on some of the requirements of picking and eligibility to enter a family.

  • Whew…been waiting for this episode for so long…hehe. :))

  • Hey guys, nice episode (I wonder what the Nephew will do (or screw up) in the pawnshop since Trader No Goh went off to Italy lol) but beside that…good job. 😉

  • Cheers as always good stuff

  • Worst ever pod cast I really wish you would chat with each other somewhere else very poor discussion of which consumables will be needed in italy. Very disappointed and I am easy to please

    • Sorry we did not meet your expectations. Consumables needed are a lot. Worse than any other Italy episode. If you have low energy expect to be in Italy a while.

      Pistol Pete

  • Ok…..(Re: Edward’s comments) um…..these people have lives and troubles and they are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts…..and yet you come to them snotty. They are in this for fun and as a healthy distraction to offer you some good advice and help. I am thankful for all of their hard work. Uh….they dont HAVE to do this dude! But you have a right to your opinion……but here is my opinion. You are a weenie Ed.

  • Eh, I enjoy the banter back and forth. As always, enjoyed it.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks for the great episode! I had to get away from town so I missed a few episode, will need to catch on to know what going on =D


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