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Episode 33: Stop the Leeches!!

This is a show packed with information. We bypass the banter this episode to hit you all with the information. Pistol Pete covers some new Spocklets like the Business Collector and Tournament-o-matic. We also get to discuss the use of the the Tournament-o-matic with regarding to getting those Tournament Achievements in Vegas. Jennifer cover the the new “features” like the Hollow Warrior, Deadly Poison Frog from Fights. She explains the new release notes and where to find them. Trader No Goh returns with his antics as he meets the TSA, has he finally met his match. [MIG]’s Chainsaw Chester and Jana Death by Gucci cover family leeching and poaching amongst the families. He also take the time to answer a few rants and questions from the tip line.

  • LMAO…Mr. No Goh not No No….love those bits…Who cares about the updates…More No Goh….too funny

    I have posted comments before with NO response…does anyone read these comments? I’m going to give it one more try. Please respond…say something…please…say anything.

    My comment is directed at the fight list crying. For the longest time I have read comments from many people about fighting being unfair and how Zynga needs to do something to keep the 1k fighters from bullying/fighting level 450-600 players. It’s easy to understand that frustration, and I agree there should be some consideration towards making the stronger players fight STRONG players. You cannot do this without bracketing.

    Brackets are NOT a terrible idea…so the latest implementation was not a favorable one but they CAN work. Maybe they need to add a rotation period where higher levels only fight within their bracket 5 of 8 rotations or similar. That way lower levels can have a better chance at an even fight but still must deal with the big boys/girls every so often.

    If you let fighters get loot from iced players IT WILL be abused. There will be accounts made available so others can fight it with bmlets/spocklets like attackx. They will collect loots at a MUCH FASTER rate and will not have to worry about losing or retaliation. This currently happens on the hit list. I see the same people all the time.

    I posted on Patterson’s blog before about an easy fix to the fight list problem…if you are fighting your name should be on someones fight list. Wouldn’t that pretty much solve the “No fighters” available problem? It would be more like a deathmatch :)) but there would always be fresh meat to pound, right? There are plenty of answers or workarounds…it’s just how creative can you get. There will ALWAYS be backlash to any change. That is inevitable. Who cares what the whiners say anyway?

    The energy pack vs. stamina pack comes down to why they gave fighters an energy pack. It was NOT to help you level more. It was because fighters were seen as having LESS energy and MORE stamina and would need an extra bump to actually get some jobs done. Now it’s just I want more more more.

    I hate to say this but I am starting to side with Zynga. NOoooooooOoooooo. The fighting needs to be revamped/tweaked and you cannot always give people what they want just because they want it. Ok, it’s official…I am siding with the dark side :(( someone throw me a rope and pull me back to safe ground.

    That’s a little more than my 2 cents…you can keep the change…put it in a jar and wait for enough to buy the precious RP :))

    • Give me a moment to digest your post. But want to give a quick reply. We try to reply as much as we can. Pistol Pete

    • The idea of introducing ICED loot back. Would not affect the brackets, or can be developed to have a lower drop rate, but the key is experience. ICED players should generate the same Experience as a Live player. The idea that they can loot more than the current system is somewhat true. However, many of these high stam accounts are not “actual fighters” The are only fighting to get the loot that they have no other mechanism to get Fight loot. A completely different option is to offer similarly scored items in Robbing. Then players have a choice to Fight or Rob. Those that would Rob, would be leaving the Fight List for only those that Fight. Hence, reducing the chances of completely ICED boards being loaded in the Fight List.

      I will share more later but short on time.

      Pistol Pete

  • (throws a rope to Paul and starts pulling) Paul hurry, get out of the dark side and get back here…! 😉

    Truth be told, I do agree on your opinion…especially on the part about fighters getting loot from iced players…BUT not on the energy vs. stamina pack simply because currently the game (was and still is) tips too much focusing on energy domination and not fully towards a balanced energy/stamina gameplay.

    Besides, between the ehoes and the fighters are the ‘borderliners’ who concentrate on balancing their energy and stamina just like Pete said. And the ehoes get most (or all) of the advantage right now with the ‘added’ energy refill in the fight club along with the usual energy pack and minipack plus the ‘little’ energy boost in the email bonus (slim chance)and the energy crime spree bonus (phew, what a mouthful. :)). Yeah sure, we sometimes get a stamina refill on the email bonus (slim chance as well) and the stamina minipack from the toolbar and the stam bonus on the crime spree. Apart from those, bottom line here is that there is NO stamina refill available in-game that doesn’t cost RP.

    My 5 cents for the day. (puts change in the tipjar) 🙂

  • I hear you, Jenina. Thanks for the rope.

    I kept myself pretty well balanced until my energy and stamina were at 1k…than I started adding to stamina and left my energy to only get boosted by loose/free points.

    Stamina is ALWAYS precious. I hate to use my stamina when I don’t have to 🙂 In fact, I will leave energy to waste before stamina any day.

  • As usual, I learn something from each podcast. Thanks much!!! I really like the idea of stamina refills available from the fight club. They’d be a tremendous help with stamina intense job families in Italy

  • Trader no go segment was funny as hell.. could barely keep it together with the fire ants in my pocket.. How about Giraffe! I bought him ticket! First Class! LOL! keep up the great work you guys!

  • Hello,

    I have been a long time listener of the podcasts and enjoy the pokes at Trader-No-Goh 😀

    I have a request for Spockholm. Similar to Crafty-lil-helper, can a bookmarklet be made which allows you to use reward points to craft items in Chop Shop?

    This is currently a pain and would love to see a tool to handle this.

    • It is in the works. Pete

  • I think they should have more “booty drop” and less “loot drop”. So….what I really wanna know is…..can Zynga drop it like its hot? I suggest dancing girls….or maybe one of those fake FB messages from a really hot chick like Jana or Loot lady! No wait…..what about a Spocklet that does just that… like when you are about to do something stupid or you need a good tip on how to eeek out the last few XP to level up……like one of the Informant Podcast hotties can pop up in a FB message window and offer us some “sexy voiced” advice……oh come on people….as IF thats not the REAL reason you listen to the Podcast? C’mon!!!

  • If being a whale is painful to others, I want to be an Orcinus orca!

    As usual keep up the good information. Thank you for taking the time to produce the podcast.

  • Maybe I am being pigheaded but I just do not like the idea of being rewarded for fighting an iced person. It may come from playing other multiplayer/interactive type games where you are playing against LIVE people. But I guess even fighting a person who is NOT iced isn’t really fighting anyone anyway. It’s just a name on a list. I need to separate that from LIVE play. Although I am pretty sure if someone is on the fightlist it means they either opened MW or are playing. Not sure there. But it’s not like they are sitting there waiting to fight. That would be a totally different path…one I would like to take. It would be awesome to integrate some from of head to head fighting where a challenge is sent and accepted and a fight begins…yes this paragraph is rambling and getting long.

    I get excited with the could be and should be and forget about the reality of things. 🙂

    lower drop rates make since…maybe even lower xp…but than I think about all my FB “friends” and remember MANY do not have time to do everything…MANY still do not even understand how things work. So I owe it to them to say, YES, fighting iced players should count for something…Than I think…my FB “friends” who are confused about the game get his/her ass kicked and hate fighting and I go back to where I was before.

    It’s at this time I’d like to quote a Patsy Cline song and say. “Stop the world and let me off. I’m tired of going ’round and ’round.”

    My new MW theme song 🙂

    Whether I made a complete conversational circle or a confusing circumscribed circle thanks for reading…I have some clicking to do…No offense team Spockholm 🙂

  • hueyluey rolls up in the dually tosses out 3 dozen ropes and tells everyone to grab on we need to pull you all from the abyss.this game was so much fun a year ago and now it feels boring and also like junk. i find myself more and more on farmville and as boring as it is to watch the stuff grow. its becoming more fun. Zynga needs to step back take a serious look at the direction they are hyading and make some very quick fixes. they blame it all on the small things like tiny url’s which they limit by how many a person can get and they could lower that if it was the real cause of the game issues. right now its at 30 and a 200 gifts a day max so lower them cut them in half and see how the game runs if better than they made there point if not then they did not and they can reverse it.

    as for peeps that are iced/dead they should not appear on the fight list its not fair to them and shows poor sportsmanship on the part of zynga for allowing this to happen. They are iced then give em time to recoup. Not teach the kids playing to beat on those that are down. its like they are telling there own kids to kick the kid on the ground that was just beat up by the school bully. Sad programmers we need to rely on here.

    Zynga go after the real problems the sites that we all know are out there as well as you guys as i have see uncountless numbers of peeps complaining of them shut down those sites and not the small peeps just making the game play more fun and not being stuck for hours accepting gifts due to your chosen slow processes. So go shut down all the autoplay sites down they dont even have people watching the game at all it simply just polays it all for you simply sickening and should be shut down. instead of going after a person for trying to collect there gifts.

    limit the tiny url’s if they are such an issue but closing player accounts is not the answer.

    put your efforts into those with multiple accounts and illegal weapons trading instead of those just trying to catch up to the rest of the players

  • @Paul – I get what you are saying but shark tank sux ass. Pure and simple. I am level 600 and dont put $$ in the free game. I get my ass handed to me all the time. I also get +1k Fight lists in most cities and I lose 2 out of 5 times. I do not complain about it as it is part of the game. Now, if someone is sitting on you, they need to be dealt with.

    And for the record, I will not accept loot for killing iced players, that will suck major ass. Where is the sport?

    @Tim – WTF are you smoking? Pete has the sexiest voice.

    @Anne – AGREE! Need Stamina pack in the Fight Club not energy… FAIL


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