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Episode 36: The Big News!!!

The crew returns from the Super Bowl break to announce that they will be heading to San Fransisco to attend the Player Advisory Committee (PAC). Pistol Pete covers the latest Team Spockholm creation the Checklist Server which he failed to mention on-air is currently in Beta Stage. He also talks about the plans to consolidate Spocklets to a single server with backup. Jennifer covers lots of in game changes such as Atlantic City Ch4, 2 Italy Consumables being added to the free gifts page, A new Valentines Day Event starting today, plus much more. Chester and Jana cover a Love Hurts Mock War starting Feb 13th at 12a.m PST, the new Rivals list and Fair Fight rules. The crew announces a major milestone of crossing 50k individual downloads of our episodes. Thanks to you our fans for everything. Also catch the finale of the Trader NoGoh segments and stay tuned for more skits in the future.

  • Oh my goodness gracious indeed for Trader No Goh…poor guy. 😉
    *cue fight scene*
    Wow on the hands down beatdown lol 😀

  • Could you explain sometime how Zynga time works. I try and play in the morning and they tell me that I have done some limit when I’ve done none. This makes it bad for morning players. If their clock would start at your midnight, a player would at least know when they can play.
    Thank you.

    • Covering on the next episode. Which airs tonight.

  • Looking forward to meeting you in person in SFO, Podcasters!

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