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Episode 47: What Another Gifting Event?

We dig a little deeper into the Robbing in Brazil and specifically the Precious Items. Zynga if your listening we have a few minor recommendations. The new Irish Gifting Event is released on the masses and combined with a new Mission related to Vegas and New York. Which might lead to the eventual closing of the limited release of Manhattan. Chester and Jana, sum up the activities in the mock for St. Patrick’s. Which has lead to a new Battle of the Sexes Mock to be coming out in April.

  • lol on Chester’s initial mood in this episode lol 😀

    Women rule! I’m SO going to drag my Godmother into bringing extra paddles for the ladies in the next mock so we can spank the guys better lol j/k 😛

    P.S. I can still remember the Armondo’s Helicopter in Manhattan…where Chester commented on a previous episode “I guess we were already in it and we kicked his ass out, which is kinda cool…I’m all for that”. 😛

  • mock war was grate but there needs to be more rules because i was being hit by someone that was 5,000 levels higher and thats ok but when he found out he could ice me he did it like 6 times in a row and thats not right

    • I agree and we will do a better job of monitoring and defining such a rule.


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