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Episode 50: April Fools Day Shockers

WOW!!! 50 Episodes already, no April Fool’s Joke there. Pistol Pete shares his happiness with his College winning the NIT tournament. GO SHOCKERS.  However, it is quickly offset by some other news he received that he keeps a secret for most of the show. Meanwhile, he discusses the new Boss Fight Spocklet that is going to be released. As well as the service for shortening MW URL’s that Team Spockholm should be incorporating in Link-a-Nator, Get-A-Nator, and Bagman Mugger. Jen is back and covers all the new stuff that is being released. There is an April Fool Day event is the Beat the Devs, a recommendation by the PAC group. Chester talks about the Merger and deep rooted Family history in the Mafia Wars game. He also talks about how much the game has changed and specifically how Red Icing has changed.

  • Holy Crap Pete…you almost had me there rofl XD

  • Pete, you nearly gave me a heart attack. Congratulations, you evil evil man. >:)

    • 🙂


  • There`s porn on the web? Glad i finished it the other night? Don’t want any a that.

    • So I am told.


  • The last job in Brazil has 750 Energy. And there no new bosses. And yes i have finished it.

  • That was really good 😉

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