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Episode 53: Meet and Greets! Getting To Know Fellow Players

April 8 was International Meetup day for Mafia Wars. Players around the world got a chance to meet some locals, that share a similar passion for the game. Pistol Pete and Jana talk about the nice time had by all in Denver.  Jennifer issues an apology to the Vegas meetups.  We are asking for your stories to share on the show. Leave us a voicemail or send an email and fill us in on your experiences. Jennifer covers the new game events and tasks., while continuing to reiterate enough is enough.  Jana and Chester go to battle in the Battle of the Sexes Mock.  You can already hear the tensions rising.

  • i looked through the bookmaklets i dont see a ” war machine ” please eloborate where it is

    • The WarMachine is not a “public” spocklet it is available for those participating in the mock wars like the Battle of the Sexes mock that starts this evening. The War machine Registration Spocklet can be found on the in the article for the Mock. The link for the Fighting Spocklet of the War Machine will be made available to participants a couple of hours prior to the start of the mock. Join in and have some fun.

  • So crazy to listen to your voices now that I got to meet you at the Denver meet up…very cool!

    Pistol Pete the smoozer LOL

  • Pistol Pete the smoozer

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