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Episode 57: Thanks Zynga….A Breather!!!

It is about time. We actually got somewhat of a breather on Events. Do not get us wrong, it has been a pleasant surprise. However, a few of us long term player were saddened that Z has had more time to develop things like Spider Events and not a traditional Holiday Event. We appreciate the break though.  Pistol Pete covers the soon to be released Business Manager. A nice all in one Spocklet to Craft, Collect, and Speed-up Properties and Businesses.   Jen could not be with us. However, in light of the reprieve in Events she picked the right week to miss. Chester and Jana have been noticing several families closing up. Not certain if related to other reasons people quit lately, but Admin’s of these families are beginning to get fatigued too.

  • MW was all about the fighting everything else in the game was to become a strong fighter … first they changed the FL policy so weaker players landed up in the sharktank … if you don’t have the money to upgrade ur account (what Zynga wants of course for this “free” game) but a lot are dissapointed because they are iced most of the time …

    Second is the ridiculous amount of health you can easily gain everyday , so a lot can heal all the time and have high lose stats but are not iced anymore … so mockwars etc are getting more and more boring … only a few CC players alive that’s all … (think this is killing the game with the “collectwars” crap)

    And third (tho that started the shit) all the crap like Zoo’s/Animals etc in the game , no guard dogs but zoo animals in a MAFIA game …

  • Why cant they fix page load issues.

  • Hey Pete, You should write us some new Angry Bird levels, you could do it 😀

    • Yeah, since I have finished it including FB levels and all Eggs. Back to MW. 🙂

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