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Episode 62: UhOh Monkey, Can They Save the Click Monkey’s

In todays episode Pistol Pete talks about some new spocklets, the 200k fan giveaway and the next lottery for 250k fans at Spockholm. Jen “The MW LootLady” talks about the new Boss Fight “Roughhouse Rafael” to include the Mission and achievement that goes with it, the new Declare War feature and what the PAC is up to. Also on this episode we have special guests called the UhOh Monkey’s. After listening you can check them out on Youtube at Chainsaw Chester goes over several rants that came in on the rant line and talks about his frustrations with the game. Jana and the rest of the crew all discuss their thoughts and the future of the game.

  • I so agree – shut down the Spockholm servers for a day. I have no idea if that would actually cost you – but it would get everyone’s attention ….. quickly.

  • PS -uhOh monkeys are fun. Enjoyed their YouTube channel

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