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Episode 66: A Godfather And His Mouse

This episode covers the new X-Men: First Class event and the new Boss Fight Event. Pistol Pete discusses some of the Spocklets that will help.  Jana fills us in a little on the new Player Spotlight interview. While Chester enlightens us with his rant on the new Logitech Mouse he got. We discuss a new rant from Ann regarding her frustrations in the game. Pistol Pete gets to meet with Zynga today and hopefully will get to share face-to-face some of the concerns players have really had with the game.

  • “Look at the bongos on that one, son”

  • *at the part where Chester ‘rants’ about his new mouse*

    Jana: He never stops ranting about it, does he…

    J: (facepalm) Tell me about it…sigh.

    Chester: (death glares the two) Oh, you’re SO gonna get it. >:)

    J & Jana: Chester…bring it on! >;P

    P.S. Nah, just kidding. 😉

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