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Episode 79: The Raven – Sheesh Talk About Frustrating

Chester, Jen, and Pete are alone tonight. Jana had the night off. Jennifer starts us off covering all the changes that have occurred. She delves into the new Markplace Fight loot, the new fighting loot, New ruby level loot, and of course the return of the Raven again. Pete covers the mods to Checklist, Assassin-a-nator, and the new stats plugin to it. While Chester does a great recap on the family module changes.

  • Hello Jennifer, Peter and Chris!!!

    I always enjoy these podcasts and this plug for [EFC] is terrific!! I deeply appreciate the [EFC] plug and I am hoping to have another Las Vegas Mafia Wars Meetup! How is Friday August 12th, 2011 at 6PM at McMullan’s Irish Pub on W Tropicana? I did invite Kim Wagner from the Wake Up With the Wagner’s TV news but not one person has responded to my note yet.

    Hope you have a wonderful summer and Love Live Mafia Wars and [EFC]! John

  • Long Live Mafia Wars!! And [EFC]! John Hi Chester! Or is it Chris? Still having fun!

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