Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 84: We Are Farmers And We Have Popups

Ok, by the title you can tell we dislike the Popups.  Pistol Pete discusses mod’ing and some curiosities. Jen covers the Farmers Event and the the Closing of Bangkok. Chester and Jana talk Jen into tackling a new Family event in a traditional family. Chester also shares his frustrations and positive experiences with Zynga customer service.

  • My Informant Podcast drinking is taking a swig every time Chester says asshat. I seldom make it through tho the end.

  • It IS a pop, not a silly old soda! 😉

    Joanne from MICHIGAN!

    • You say potato and I say potahto. Although I bet you call a Bag a Sack too. 🙂


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