Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 88: A Lesson in Reverse Psychology

The crew discusses the nerf of the super energy to experience ratio in the Smugglers District. Timers in MW Family progression hit high on the radar as week long time players get the shaft.  Chester finally gets a clue and realizes half the MW community got screwed with the testing model Zynga uses. Pistol Pete talks about some Hopper/Lab items to help with Family Progression.  Pete asks Jana and Chester to explain drive-by’s for those that have never done them. Jana’s response to Pete is classic what are you a moron.

  • Where is the Asshat Drinking Game Boxscore??

  • I was on Get Satisfaction scrolling for questions to help with and there is a player complaining that he is leveling 8 times a minute with the Smugglers Haven. I guess there is a first time for anything!

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