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Episode 95: Zynga’d by Tier II Support

Oh Yea it is coming… The long awaited Spockholm toolbar. Pistol Pete digs deep into some of the features that will be in the initial release and gives some hints on what might come. Jen is busy fighting with Support over the last gifting event. Giving a new level of frustration with being Zynga’d.  NYC is getting some new properties, and Mafia Wars Live hinted at a new Hidden District Appearing. Relief for the Hurricane Irene victims is coming on the form of a Marketplace item.  Jana fills us in on the current location of the [MIG] tour bus. She also drops a hint on the next guest on Player Spotlight, so stay tuned.

  • Official Informant Podcast Episode 95 Asshat Drinking Game Boxscore

    Football Kickoff Special

    00:53 Pets Growls “Wassup” Pretending to be Chester 2 Drink Penalty Repeat first drink
    00:55 Jen interrupts Jana
    00:59 Pete Growls pretending to Chester again Unsportsmanlike conduct 5 Drink Penalty (First Down)
    01:06 Pete interrupts Jana
    01:06 Pete’s interruption is to say Asshat 10 times TOUCHDOWN!!! (extra pint is good) (pint is not misspelled)(repeatjob spocklet bonus)
    03:03 Jen interrupts Jana
    I’m completely sloshed at this point.
    08:00 End of the first quarter and we have a long dry spell. Thirsty? Drink up!
    13:45 Pete interrupts Jana (upheld by replay review)
    16:00 Halftime Get your beverages restocked it’s been a high scoring first half
    17:03 Pete Interrupts Jana …. again
    18:51 Jen talks over Jana (maybe it was the other way around…who cares?)
    19:28 Jana is making a habit of it. Interception
    20:36 Jana is just all kinds of rude tonight. New rule adopted DRINK
    20:51 Yay! Jana interrupts Jen Wild Turkey bonus and roughing the passer penalty on the same play
    22:41 Reverting to old form Jen interrupts Jana
    23:31 Jana really gets into her new role as chief interrupter interrupts Jen
    24:00 End of the Third Quarter Grab your drinks and get ready to finish this baby off.
    24:35 Jen gets catty and says I want to be the interrupter interrupting Jana
    26:09 Multiple interruption on the play both Jen and Jana get flagged 2 Drink bonus First Down.
    26:48 Jana feeling it now, interrupts Pete
    28:22 Jana hits a field goal again interrupting someone 3 drink bonus
    30:01 Jen says hitting the ASS, Touchdown!
    32:00 End of Regulation Since we have tied one on there is overtime!
    32:31 Jen says Zainga she could go all the way!!!!
    33:01 Jen heads for the goal line interrupting Jana!
    34:38 Jen Scores! OT finished we’re all blitzed!

    Final Score
    Chester (channeled by Pete) 13
    Jana 7
    Jen 9
    Pete 6
    Total Asshats (10)

    • Holy Cow that is Hilarious. Thanks for the recap [MIG] Medic!.

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