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Episode 96: Better Tap the Keg You’ll Be Busy

Chester graces the group with his presence and out come the “Was Ups”, “Ass Hats” and “That’s What She Saids”. Pete discusses the Family Boss Fighter Spocklet and the Family statistics that got Zynga’d and the Mission Crew Link update (which also got Zynga’d) as well as a short history of the url shortening service. The gang addresses the issue with lack of communitaion between Zynga and the players and Pete makes a special request. Jen talks about her unlucky experiences with the Lucky Stash Slot Machine, game updates and what is to come. Chester talks about the defective Family Chat and gives strategic insight into the Family Boss Fight.

  • Official Informant Podcast Episode 96 Asshat Drinking Game Boxscore

    The Multiple ——asm Episode. Whatever you do don’t listen and drive. (I’m at work)

    00.48 Chester kicks off with “Wassup” a spot of tea is in order
    00.54 Chester says asshat (can’t compete with the ten times Pete said asshat for him the last time) 1 Drink Penalty
    01.03 Pete says asshat quoting himself channeling Chester Wild Turkey bonus (Oh screw it I’m drinking)
    01.38 Everyone interrupts Jana all is well
    01.42 Jen forgot that Zainga nerfed her win. Contact CS for a drink
    02.42 Jana gets interrupted interrupting Pete
    03.04 Jana says weed. Smoke ’em if you got ’em
    03.17 Jana says harvest. Drink bonus if you are drinking a fall harvest beer.
    03.19 Chester “that’s what she said”
    03.26 Jen says we haven’t had that’s what she said. BONUS
    03.30 Jen gets interrupted saying asshat BONUS
    03.31 Jana gets interrupted saying asshats. Plural context BONUS
    03.40 Jana keeps getting interrupted. Just because BONUS
    03.40 The growling begins
    03.42 The growling continues
    03.43 The growling goes on
    03.44 The growling goes faster
    03.46 The growling climaxes Multiple Growlasm BONUS
    04.58 Jana interrupts
    05.20 Interruption discussion begins. Drink in quick bursts
    05.58 Jen. Zainga. Drink.
    06.07 Jen interrupts Jana
    07.49 Jen says Zainga (but then f’s up) BONUS
    08.32 Jen interrupts Pete (who said you never interrupt him?)
    09.08 Jen says Zainga
    10.04 Pete Spocklet FAIL! BONUS
    11.14 Chester interrupts Jana. Spock ON!
    12.36 Chester whispers creepily that’s what she said. Sip slowly
    13.06 Jana interrupts Jen
    14.15 Jen confesses she has a Zainga gambling addiction. Feed your addiction and Drink Up!
    16.27 Jen says stuff is coming out our butt. Weird stuff BONUS
    16.36 Chester says ASS
    16.38 Chester talks about stuff coming out of Jen’s butt. BONUS
    16.39 Chester says ASS (fetish too!)
    16.40 Chester says Asshat
    17.28 Jen (she of the ASS fetish) talks about a brothel
    17.59 Chester says shit (oh it’s there)
    18.51 Pete interrupts Jana
    19.35 Chester says shit again
    20.15 Chester finally interrupts Jana. Go Daddy BONUS
    20.55 Chester “That’s what She Said”
    21.02 Chester growls (perhaps getting warmed up for a second growlasm?)
    21.23 Jen says Zainga
    23.54 Jen says shitload. Drink a shitload
    23.59 Chester says shit
    24.06 Chester creeps the shit out of me with a that’s what she said
    24.09 Jen says wipe their butts. Drink yours off
    24.15 Chester says asshat
    25.49 Chester says dipshits. Don’t dip shit. Drink
    27.55 Chester interrupts Jana Go Daddy BONUS
    28.32 Chester says shit
    28.47 Jen says ASS
    28.50 Chester says ASS
    30.35 Jen says Jackass….and he’s trigger happy. Drink as many as you’d like
    30.41 Chester says ASS
    32.07 Jana interrupts Chester
    32.08 Chester says asshats
    32.13 Chester says ass (and chaps….freaky)
    32.15 Jen says ass
    32.19 Chester says ass
    32.44 Jana says That’s what she said”
    33.05 Chester growls (post coital bliss?)

    Final Score
    Our systems have detected irregular behavior in your drinking actions. If you continue to receive this error, or have specific questions regarding this message, please contact support at

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