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Episode 100: Been A Long Road But Well Worth Traveling

Well finally the Hundred Episode is upon us. Pistol Pete confirms the release of the much hyped Spockholm Toolbar. In addition, as special bonus the new war post spocklet will be made available. Jennifer covers the buggy Chicago and the horrible loot that is gifted to us for the 3rd Anniversary of Mafia Wars. Jana and Jen dispel the rumors on Facebook charging for access. While Chester gears up for the mock war. Two mock war participants get to come on the show. Thanks to Nate C and Mia for being good sports. Our Contest Winner is announced. Congratulations to Rosmi Hisham. Oh and the crew receives a phone call from and old friend, wonder if it was his only call. Thanks to the fans for keeping us motivated to continue to bring the Informant Podcast to a computer or phone by you. We look forward to doing the next 100 shows.

  • The Informant Podcast 100 Episode Official Boxscore

    That’s What She Said (SPONSORED BY LOGITECH)

    00.43 TWSS Pete out loud and Chester whispered creepily OUT OF THE BOX BONUS
    00.48 Pete interrupts Jana COULDN’T RESIST BONUS
    02.04 Pete says Spocklet
    02.08 Chester ask Pete to confirm that he has a small Spocklet Pete confirms (small sip bonus)
    02.09 Jana TWSS
    04.32 Jen lives in Zainga time
    05.01 Jen and Zainga again
    05.34 Jana interrupts Jen REALLY LAME BONUS
    07.25 “Where we drunk” BONUS
    07.43 Jen says Asshat LEADOFF ASSHAT BONUS
    08.08 Everyone talking at once WE ARE FAMILY BONUS
    08.52 Pete interrupts Jana
    08.59 Jana attempts to get a word in and fails FAIL BONUS
    12.00 The Zynga vs. Zainga discussion begins
    13.57 “We’re all srcewed” What the hell? Drink up!
    14.12 Chester breaks the profanity free streak
    14.14 Chester keeps the shit going I DON’T GIVE A SHIT BONUS
    14.35 Clam down people and stop talking over each other. Have a drink.
    14.40 Chester interrupts Jana
    15.28 Chester interrupts Jana BAD DADDY BONUS
    18.07 Jen talk over Jana
    19.10 Jen interrupts Jana….twice. What are you waiting for, an excuse? 2 Drinks
    19.17 Pete invents new word “zyngon”
    19.23 Chester. Creepy. TWSS. DRINK
    19.36 Jen interrupting Jana. No way?!
    19.40 Jen interrupting Jana. No way?! Oh I did that one already.
    20.41 Pete says, you guessed it boys and girls, SPOCKLET
    22.36 Old school catch phrase contest
    22.34 Chester grunts “what?” What Drink?
    23.04 Episode 100 Celebrity Guest Trader No-Goh. No Drink for YOU!
    24.38 Pete says hopper
    24.54 Mike Nestor Celebrity Appearance MOONSHINE AND BOURBON BONUS
    24.54 Mike says hell. What the hell BONUS
    24.58 Mike promptly gets into the hopper interrupting Jana
    25.02 Pete says hopper
    25.15 There are now four people interrupting Jana GRAND SLAM BONUS
    25.44 Pete says hopper
    26.08 Chester says sumabitch. Drink that sumabitch
    28.22 And the growling contest begins
    28.25 Chester hits one out
    28.36 A pretty lame growl from Austrailia FOSTERS ONLY DRINK
    28.46 Whatever the hell a diggerido is isn’t growling like Chester. FOSTERS AGAIN
    28.50 Sheep like sound
    28.59 Is that a goat?
    29.09 Farmville enters the room
    29.10 Chester growls one out of the farm
    32.19 Nathan says asshats PLURAL DRINK BONUS
    35.08 This episode is sponsored by Logitech

    Happy 100!!!!!

  • Congratz on your 100th eps, I hope you continue with this show for a long time!
    Out of curiosity, what the hell is hopper?

    PS: You should try doing bloopers and stuff.

  • @TipFan
    The hopper is work in development. Think of it as a queue.

    Medic- thank you for the box score!

    ~ Chainsaw Chester

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