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Episode 105: All In A Days Work

Our role here at the Informant Podcast is to stay up to date and keep people informed on all aspects of Mafia Wars. We have determined and settled that MW2 (should be Mafiaville) will only be covered when Cross Promotions exist. The crew did find the Exposure Snatch… It was actually a Clyde item called the Exposure Satch. While looking for the Exposure Snatch Mike did find he could solve the Porn Problem Jen was having on her Fan Page. Pistol Pete talks about what is going into the next generation Toolbar w/ the Golden Option. Chester decide to read a rant is his best Leprechaun Pirate which leads to some discussion on how some people are behaving in the game. Jana reminds us the show has actually been on the air for just over a year. We have to say we are very proud of this accomplishment but without you the fans it would not be possible. Thanks for your continued support.

  • OMG, I can’t believe y’all didn’t know what 42 was! Go Pete!!

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