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Episode 115: Letting Rebelman Out Of The Hopper

Lot’s of discussion about letting the Rebelman out of the Hopper. Since Jana this week was in a crate.  We get to cover a significant amount of game changes, from Ice Seasons through the changes to everyones zmc. We read a Google transcribed message from a Chester rant he forgot giving.  Fun times…. Enjoy.

  • i had 2 wafflebots collected on each side, and i didnt get it, despite your reporting that we would all be credited. oh well guess i gotta email cs

  • love u JANA!

    chester u asshat! :p great ready to get roasted!

    – shabee

  • Congrats to Jana for being an Icon in Zinga Love you Jana again congrats
    Former [MIG] Mikie Big Guns

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