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Between glitches, nerfs, rollbacks, and general game changes. The crew pulls no punches in sharing there dislike for the direction Zynga is taking with the game.  They and others would really like to bring this game back to its glory. They would like to help be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Listen Up Zynga!! Players are here to help, take advantage of the free labor.

  • Love the show and been listening for a while and the info you all give is great . Just want to say i think what you all said in this episode is what 70% of the MW community are think they are stuffing up OUR GAME . Its not there game as we are the ones that make it and with out us its just another game . I just wish they would listen to your Pod cast .. I think you all should get a Job at ZYGNA and MW would be back to the number 1 game on FB .. I Think the idea Jen said is great lets spam them with 1 Req at a time like make the ZMC 200 gifts .Imagine 100000 emails about the same thing ..They would have to listen then wouldnt they .. any ways great Job keep it up ..

  • Hey to beat the permissions ‘be’arch’ I play from the Mafiawars Zynga page.

    Ps don’t leave me

  • I keep getting asked to allow publishing too. I saved a unframed profile to the bookmark bar. Use that to start the game and you should be good until you reset the browser.

  • have you tried the god father game in google plus?

  • The god father is totally amazing even though I was quite sceptical at the begging it just surprised me.

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