Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 126: Let the Event Overload Begin Again

The entire crew joins up to cover the multitude of new game feature to hit the sheets. The Spockholm crew is soon going to be releasing additional features for the golden toolbar users, including more spocklet backup options.  A couple of new spocklets are available to GTB users, the family robber, and soon to release Resolutions Vote Caster (for viewing the current votes on each item). Jen covers the Resolutions Event, New Property for Haiti Project, and the boycott of the Marketplace promotion. In addition, MIG Chainsaw Chester shares a couple of features he came across while doing some random icing. Jana is highlighted again in the game as Mrs. Pac Party. We are encouraging everyone to vote for her, since we like her. Secondly, here winning would show the power of this community to influence change. Since human nature would have unknowing players select the first item. Some kind of King that is going to be dethroned. Happy New Year Mafia Wars Community.

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