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Episode 128: Lots Of Change Is In The Air

Way more new features/changes to mention here, but Jen tries to cover them all. Bugs remain in New Brazil secret mission forcing the Spockholm Lab to release the RepeatJob Clicker a.k.a Dumb Clicker. Pistol Pete has an Epiphany about the structure of the studios at MW and the impact it might be having on the volume of new features being thrown out there. Ms. Jana  a.k.a Ms. Pac Party was the big winner in the Resolutions event. Although it was pointed out by Jana herself, “she is much stronger in a crate.”

  • They finally gave me the city of traverse that I paid for a second time but at the ruby level there was no prize! I wrote to zynga and let them know we shall see! I just thought you needed more comments about the “city of traverse” Lol

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