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Episode 129: Losing Your [ASS]

While some of us would not mind shedding the dead weight off our ass. The [ASS] family had the entire family removed either by accident or on purpose. With no explanation and indicator as to why. Needless to say Jen does get a little fired up over the whole issue. Leaving us with one of her best rants. Meanwhile Pistol Pete delicately talks about some of the new toolbar features on the way, since one is specifically family progression related.  The other might resurrect some interest in the Daily Chance tickets again. Eike of Team Spockholm has been developing a new spocklet in the lab, to monitor family boss fights. We are very excited becuase it might answer the Ultimate Family Boss Fight question, “You racked up the ^&*^^@##@ rage meter!!!”.  Our prayers go out to Scott of the The Mafia War’s Gods whose daughter Jenna is having some medical issues. We hope and pray she has a quick and speedy recovery.

  • Pete i think you should go work for ZYGNA as you seem to know more about the game than they do .. and im been serious ..
    Jen dont you dare leave .. as we will all hunt you down in vegas and drag your ass back lol .. Hoping to go to vegas early 2013 WAHOOOO .

    Another great informant show thanks all

    • I think the key to Z’s success like any company should be its people. I know there developers and others work hard at this and other games. However, I know the studio structure is a detriment as well. You need to have the cross pollination of ideas and creativity. Some games MW for example does not need the level of development that is dedicated to it. I just hope they pull their heads out and realize it.

      Pistol Pete

  • [ASS] should read {ASS} shouldn’t it? 😛 another great episode almost to 130 now 🙂

    • Probably so. I was to lazy to go look it up. 🙂

      Pistol Pete

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