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Episode 136: Is It Really A Game Any Longer?

When you begin having to do so many chores in the game is, Is It Still Really a a Game?  This is a question we always seem to be asking ourselves. Especially with new individual and family properties. Being tired seems to be a common feeling with regard to MW and we have resigned ourselves to no longer being completionists  but  throw in the towelers.  Can MW be turned around?

  • I have left the game for severel month ago. It have been more of an obligation, and no fun at all.

  • I’ve been playing this game for well over 2 years. I nearly quit when they introduced Bangkok, it seemed I would never have enough $B to finish this City and it did take me nearly 6 months to master it. If it wasn’t for the scripts I would have quit that game a long time ago. Oh! but scripts are against Zynga’s TOS, I say BS to that. How do they expect us to burn 40,000 stamina without a script. I read one of your earlier comments about Extreme Mission #12 which requires us tobuild 50 items from our warehouse. This is insane. I’m not even going to the new NY properties. If at least we could use the ones we built already but NO, Collect 840 parts to build it, then dump it for the next property that requires another 840 parts but offers 1 more Stamina… INSANE… I’m out of here bye bye Zynga.

  • During the last 6 months or so I have had no less than 300 mafia members quit. These were not beginners either. High level fighters and gifters. They are tired of jumping through every hoop. Z has made it impossible to finish some of the things. whether its the time limits, rp’s needed, or the small amount of prizes these players need to advance in the game. It’s a game, it’s suppose to be fun. If it is no longer fun and it has become a chore, they stop playing. also it has become increasing hard for new players to receive the achievements they need. The ones for Cuba, Bangkok & Moscow are no longer attainable as those cities have closed. The loot for jobs is good for everyone lower than level 200 or those less than 175k mafia a/d. The new fighting loot has only increased the bullies to attack the smaller levels(below 200) as the anti-bully groups are now increasing in size to the complaints of their mafia members. The stronger only get stronger, the small only stay small.
    I, for one though, have not given up. I remain in the middle but as the stronger ones quit I move up. Why? No clue.
    I read just a short whole ago that for the first time MW daily Players have reached below 1M daily users. Z needs to wake up or stay sleeping as far as the players demands go.

  • No it cant.. IPO stock is down 5%.. facebook also going IPO…. just like my space and other joining in the stock option… They are going down hill , so their begging for money from us and a stock IPO merger. It Zynga and facebook will be dust under the rug. ( 2 years tops.)

  • Re the real reason for the NY properties boycott-

    I stand on principle, not for me but for players that don’t use cc, who don’t play 16 hrs/day or even every day.
    Additionally I knew I was not alone in finding it beyond merely annoying to see the frenzy of parts begging posts flooding the feed,
    hogging the real estate and could not justify taking part in something that I found so distasteful.

    Now you know the honest truth from the original source.

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