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Episode 147: Tough Times Ahead For One Player

Pistol Pete meets up with the ladies to talk about a few minor Spocklet changes. First, stop on Ices for the Assassin-a-nator, and some small updates to Family Battle History. Jen covers the Reigning Women marketplace event.  Other than that pretty slow. An actual nice change of pace.  Jen’s shout out for this evening is the reason for the title of the show. One of our fellow MW players was diagnosed with a terminal disease. So we take a few minutes to reiterate that the people behind these computers have feelings and we truly get to know and care for many of them. So, our prayers go out to him and his family.

  • Not sure if you have discussed this in a prior podcast, but lately I’m getting a pop-up every few dozen clicks asking if I want to become a ‘premium’ player for $14.95 a month, which entitles me to extra skill point on each level, special lot items and other things. If you have, can you point me a link to the podcast so I can listen before I comment further?

    Thanks for all the news and insights in the various cast. Keep up the great work.

  • Thanks for mentioning my illness. My diagnostic is Liver Cancer . I went through 6-8 weeks of dry heaves and or vomiting , bouncing from one Doctor to another and losing 43 pounds in the progress.

    Finally i had enough and told the Wife to take me to the Hospital. Within three hours was admitted , had an Ultrasound and a Ct-scan. Three Cancer Doctors told me a specialist would be taking a Biopsy the morning right before i was released .
    In a couple days , met with the Specialist . My prognosis is weeks to months , no more 6 week more total. The Cancer is widespread and is Not treatable.

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