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Episode 151: More Drama Than The Jersey Shore

With Zynga looking closer at player script behavior, there is much debate in the community on what is a bot and what is not. Pete defines his own opinion of the differences between scripts and bots. While it may be true that all bots are scripts, it can’t be said that all scripts are bots. There are some vicious mods out there making the game less enjoyable for all. Jen discusses the happenings of the PAC2 and decides that it’s Zynga’s job to get the information out there. The gang talks about all the properties, Spockholm and game updates.

  • HHHEEELLLPPPP!!!! ZMC and Gift blaster are not working!!

  • ..oh look Jen it’s another Spocklin…
    …what is a Spocklin Peter..
    ..well Jen it’s a Spocklin, something which is not a Spocklet and certainly not a Zyngalin

  • I love the new district tabs! THANKS!!

  • @monika, very clever and funny. We call that SpockWit, just kidding, just made up that Peteism.

  • I think the idea of 5000 or 10000 health replenished every 40 sec is a good idea i think you should push for that with PAC 2 . Cause health is killing the game or give people with huge health a chance to change them over to another skill maybe ?

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