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Episode 153: April Fools, Gone To Far

Well Chainsaw Chester was up to his usual antics and caused quite the stir in the MIG family with an April Fool’s Day Joke.  So the crew spends a little time remembering previous MW April Fools Jokes.  A little time is spent on the transition to FB Pages in time-line and how some groups are coping. All in all not a lot of game changes. Ceaser Bags did appear and disappeared on Saturday after about 2hrs. We answer a question from a fan regrading the +1 stam vs. +5 stam requirement for fighting.

  • I am glad that for the new player, the energy requirements in Brazil, etc are not as high but for the average mid level player the energy and stamina is still too high. Also, if new players have to spend 5 stamina to fight it is too much. But not everyone that’s a level 1000 to 2000 has 15000 stamina to spend and I’d really like to see what percentage this would even apply to because the majority of people I know do not have accounts like that.

  • I don’t get it. I hear people bragging that they haven’t ever spent money on the game. That they never will. The people in this post are bragging about this fact. That’s fine for them. Mafia Wars is a business. The people behind the game have created it to make money. The fact that you’ve made it as far as you have in the game is a credit to them for giving so much away free. It seems however that you want it all for free. Well then go out and create your own game. Put the hours in development, hire people for support and pay their wages out of your pocket and give it away for free. The V.I.P. program is 24.97 a month. That’s far less then a cup of coffee a day. Way less then cable T.V. You get hours of entertainment a month from this game. If you don’t want to pay for anything that’s fine. Don’t. But realize that there are people who don’t mind paying for entertainment they enjoy.

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