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Episode 164: The Defintion Of Insanity

We login each day to play the game we love. We love to play the game in our own way whether it is robbing or fighting or jobbing, or even battling/waring.  We have a routine that works for us. We think this is a key point Zynga continues to miss. The crew had an epiphany tonight.  We are the definition of insanity. Jana summed it up repeating the same steps over and over and getting the same results. We (the community) have pleaded, posted, ranted about the frustrations of the game. Each time the results are the same. Zynga knows best and choose to ignore the players. Instead of trying the few things the players suggest for a month and see what happens. One month is not going to kill them financially. Most are supporting the VIP program. So now they get regular cash from players. Well we hope you enjoy this edition of the Informant Podcast insanity style.

  • I agree with much said in this podcast but I take exception to 2 things. Firstly, I do let a program do war help and I have over 40k in war assists. I will not mention the program by name but it is widely used and has been for a long time. If you want to call this a bot abuse or say it is an abusive script you can although I disagree and I feel that since you have the maker of the script in your likes you should not say that. As for why I use this script and have so many war helps the answer is simple- I want to help my mafia. I get nothing out of this after the 5 war assist rewards everyone else gets. But people like fast help in their wars. I know I do. Mostly the war feature is silly and needs an overhaul but I have yet to hear anyone in my mafia say we hate QueenBrat for helping in our war so fast. Without war help scripts it is hard to get war help fast enough between posting issues,timeline issues, and expecting people to be glued to their home page watching for you to declare war is not realistic.People are doing other things and might not see your posts. I do not consistently get notified in game that someone is at war, rarely in fact do I ever get an in game message and I do not want to stay glued to my home page either. I am sorry if this means other people can’t find wars to help in but I feel the same way i did when I started playing that I want to help people as much as I can and I see nothing wrong with this approach. If Zynga ever tells me I have to stop helping people because my help stats are out of line I will just quit.

    Second, while a new family property is fine and I have no prob with another 1 coming out I wonder if the statement that most families are done with the other properties is really accurate. Given the large number of families out there I kinda doubt it and feel this is a bit of an elitist attitude people in large, popular families sometimes have who forget there are a lot of us in small families, new families or even mid level families who are not done. I have seen no stats on this so I may be wrong but I bet given the sheer number of families there are more are not done than those that are. Again, I might be wrong on that. I have heard comments made in previous shows about small families not wanting to get done and it always bothered me. Small families may want to progress just as badly as larger ones and we might/do try just as hard. Not everyone can be in the large, popular families or even want to but does that mean we matter less? When things like this are discussed that is kinda how I feel and it bothers me. The way they have it set up it is hard enough to progress if you don’t have 100 active members. The requirements are skewed to favor larger numbers and small families struggle. Zynga doesn’t care but as players I think we should remember that not everyone’s situation is the same and support each other and not judge or assume.

    That being said I listen to all podcasts and enjoy them and I do share the frustration I hear in your voices and the desire to play less/quit. Lastly though, I get all my MW info from the MWLL blog and if Jen ever quit I probably would too. I don’t think she realizes how much her blog matters to people and how helpful it really is.

  • I posted my “Goodbye” letter before I listened to this podcast…
    You guys basically said everything I said in my letter…

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