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Episode 165: Not My Bailiwick

Well the show starts off a person down. So Jana and Pete get the ball rolling. Jen joins us later in the heat of PAC conversation. While we fully understand that not everyone will be swayed by our perspective on PAC.  I wish some would consider the negative impact it has for future PAC member.  We think if you consider the actual structure of PAC. You might have a slightly different perspective. If not, so be it. We also spend some time talking about a response to one of the last shows. Specifically regarding Wall Readers/Scrubbers, and their role in Wars. An argument which has two sides and both are right,  leading to justified confusion.

  • Um well I didn’t know you were gonna discuss my previous comments lol. Anyway, nicely handled Pete. An apology was not necessary although appreciated and I also like how you said both points of view are valid as I believe that as well. I do see both points and I can see that you do as well. Many don’t see both sides but that’s ok. 1 other thing I was going to say is, that while I have a very small family I don’t have a small mafia. Family stuff is hard for me and takes forever but getting mafia help is easy when you have a big mafia and not an issue for me. The thing is, many people do have a small mafia so if I leave my war script running they get war help and might win. So many times friends with small mafias have lost. Those are the people I want to help most with leaving my war script on. Yeah, they could add more to their mafia but I do not judge how others play and many do have reasons for not wanting a huge friends list of strangers so they need the fast help sometimes. Mostly though, I just think we should all play the way that works best for us. I have seen people get really upset on MWLL’s fan page about this and I don’t usually comment, but like wise Pete said there are 2 sides and both are right and valid.

    So as far as PAC goes, I fully support you all. Zynga chose who is on PAC. IF people have an issue with that complain to Zynga and do not take it out on those of you in it. Those of you who admit to doing it and opened yourself up to the critiques and bullies should be commended for being brave enough to do it and not criticized or berated.

    My 1 concern is that Zynga makes sure they select people for PAC that represent all levels of players so the new players and the lower to mid levels, small to large families, etc., get heard. We all have different concerns so I hope Zynga did that. I doubt I will ever be asked to be on PAC and that’s ok. I firmly believe those of you on it know what is broken and needs to be fixed. You might not address everything I would, but the way I see it, if you get them to address anything the game is better off and certainly does not hurt me and I feel can only help. We need a voice. You are that voice.

  • Good show guys. You are absolutely correct, if Zynga would listen to the players and make a few changes things would be better. I mean seriously, I’m not a gamer, I’m a fighter and they are trying to make me more of a gamer than a fighter.

    My fight screen/health is a mess I get people posting ices on me when I have 80k health showing. I can’t complete any of the builds I need too in time because I’m busy fighting, trying to collect the things I need which are way too limited to build while doing all the other crap they throw at us all at once and the gifts I need are pushed out now so I can’t collect them.

    I truly think I have stayed playing this game because I have too much invested into it with real money, but also the interaction I have with the people who play the game. A lot I have met in person. (Hi Jana.. waiting to meet Jenn!) Cheers to the MHHM (Mile High Hit Men group)

    I’m not a script user for 2 reasons. One I can boast everything I do, I did myself and two because Zynga is so fickle I’m afraid of losing my account like the rumors keep saying.

    They need to make some executive decisions and as Pete says make features available IN the game as it seems that’s what people want/need. Of course I now I’m preaching to the choir.

    Again, good show guys.

  • It would be nice to know exactly what questions are being asked to the PAC and Zynga’s response. You discuss how the PAC operates, but you don’t provide what was asked and responsed. I think in your podcast, if you could spend a few minutes summarizing what was asked, a summary of responses and Zynga’s reaction or plan to implement any of the suggestions.

    The perfect world would be for Zynga to provide a timeline and roadmap for suggested updates to the game.

    On another topic, I think more players would come back to the game, if it went back to the way New York, Cuba and Moscow were played. Simple mouse clicks, no popups, and streamlined fighting and robbing. Properties built from loot drops or from gifting. Zynga needs to get back to its roots for this game to continue to survive.

    Anyway…good show and keep fighting the good fight.

    • Actually, they post these on their blog. Jenn used to duplicate the information but it was little viewed and people usually just blasted her and PAC in commentary. I do not mind being blasted if it is warranted.


  • I LOVE THE IDEA of a “kill all” button….how fun would that be!!!! Press it and get it done!!!

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