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Episode 167: What Is All The Hoopla Over Fighting Scripts

Once again, there isn’t much happening in Mafia Wars. Zynga adds too much at once then waits too long. Balance is what is needed. The gang also talks about a new free gift from the Mafia Wars Application as well as many events coming to an end. The new property is MIA and players don’t really care. Pete talks about the confirmation buttons added to some ZMC requests via the Spockholm Toolbar. The Facebook IPO and it’s affects on Zynga are also discussed. The topic then turns to fighting scripts and what Zynga can and can’t do about them.

  • I used to fight manually and I loved fighting. But eventually it got boring and tedious and when I needed 150 ices for my family I didn’t want to sit here for hours manually clicking. In general, this game has gotten boring and tedious so some script use makes it tolerable. If they want to cut back on fighters give people an option to rob as you all have said before. For me robbing is even more boring and 150 ices is not that hard to achieve but I know many who can’t do it and like to rob so give them an option.

    There are a lot of families out there who will not sit down with you and discuss anything like rational adults. I do not understand this myself. I see some of the same names on my fight list often so if people attack me more than once I just assume it is the same for them. But, I know that when people attacked my baby minis over and over, I contacted over 10 GM’s and bosses of families to discuss this, only 1 person got back to me. The rest, I guess, do not want to discuss it. I kinda think maybe some take this too seriously. It might be Mafia Wars we play but that doesn’t make us gangsters or bad asses for real so no need for attitude.

  • Secret Service Marquis “SPOCK Leifguru” level 4913 Maniac
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    – We will All be Doomed!

  • QueenBrat

    I feel your pain. Our family have had two wars for a past week against other families. It starts when someone takes a few ices on a same person, and someone bigger retaliates. Then more and more people join in this fight and soon you’ll hear how little ones in your family can no longer play, because they are under constant attacks.

    Then you have to write a message at minimun of two to three person on the other team only to soon find out that they don’t reply at all. Finally after few days of fighting someone on the other team responses and we can start talking. Then they blame on your team for starting a war and claim that your family have been attaking they members many days in a row or even over a week.

    I think some players use these situations as an excuse to start these wars and when your family is in a war everyone is a targed. When this happens playing mafia wars is annoying because you get iced as soon as you heal back up. It seems that because the number of people playing mafia wars continue to decline soon there are only left these serious gamers who take few ices and the game in general way too seriously. They overkill on their reaction for taking a few ices on any one of their family members.

    When you get targeted like this there is really nothing you can do to stop it. Except try to talk to a wall or hope that they will get tired and stop.

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