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Episode 168: Under Heavy Gun Fire, Loot Lady Take Cover

Jen and Pete, got this one alone. Jana is taking the night off. Wow lots to talk about…Game changes… Toolbar changes…and Toolbar changes becuase of game changes. Couple that with, new districts in London, the Lexington hotel is open again for a fee, there is a new limited time property, and numerous other changes to discuss. So tune in and give a listen…

  • I’m the GF of SSC, the group being mentioned around the 36 minute mark of this cast.

    You made mention that our demands were too high and at one point I agreed with you. I don’t care for public apologies as it is a game and who really gives a damn since it gets washed away with a few posts. Yes you had an issue with one of my members and yes he claims he just got the stuff…it isn’t my place to question if he did or didn’t…because I don’t give a damn. The reason I can believe him is because something like that happened with me on a much larger scale…woke up one day did a job and went up over 100 Trillion levels…no joke in fact my level was so big it ended with an “E” The loot I was getting from the fightlist was unreleased loot as well….so who knows what may have happened.

    Loot Lady was only getting hit By Dan and a couple others but not the group as a whole…another admin and myself were trying to talk with him and get him to stop, as we felt he wanted something you could not provide and frankly should not have to provide as it is private information.

    We were close to having him stop, but then you went and did something so stupid it defies all common sense and logic. You posted four of my members on your PUBLIC wall and asked your fans of the mafia community to attack them.

    REALLY??? Like I would just sit back and allow my group to take fire from everyone without doing something about it?? I then posted on your wall with the links that we would destroy the entire families of each person trying to hit the links…and you removed my post. Unfortunately quite a few clans got hit over your stupidity and have since been let go, but not you or your groups.

    Currently I have no demands and since I know you are using the attacks to gather data, I’ll ensure that you have all the data you need for your research.

    I’m out,

    GimmeYo Lnch Muny Punk!
    SSC\Ignited Godfather

  • howdy guys~

    I have to admit I really like the new jobs set-up. One click on full and the job is done 100% provided you have the energy. I am wondering if there is any way to make another tab (label it ~ loot) to continue doing the job after the completion; to loot those consumables without clicking one 100X’s?? This would be extremely helpful for the next secret district as the loot drop ratios can be ridiculous. Would be easier to run the loot tab to max on the items in the first tier to get the 50/50 needed to gain maximum skills from the district.

    Thanks for all of your hard work. I can enjoy the game using your tools to get everything done in the time span I have to play. Kudos~

    • Being considered….

      Stay Tuned….


  • Its funny how I always miss the glitches or don’t know about them until way later. I need a glitches for dummies site, but anyway. While I have been able to grow my account and beat some bullies, in general I learned that the majority are way stronger than me and always will be. I still say the bullies will be the end of the game eventually.Those who say not to whine and do the wah wah thing ( very immature btw of them) obviously do not understand that while this is Mafia Wars driving people away, making it so they can’t play and other juvenile behavior is not accomplishing a thing nor is it helping the game to stay around. It is just stupid nonsense. I don’t get into clans and fighting other clans and wars and all that though. Proving dominance in an online game does not make you tough in situations like this, it makes you pety.

    I didn’t see the post you talked about but heard all about it and all I am going to say further is Jen you rock, and we need you. You do us a great service with the time you spend blogging and you did nothing wrong. Without your information we have nowhere to go since most just copy you and Zynga doesn’t share. You didn’t post the name of the person cheating so if others figured out who it is that is on them but in the end this person was a cheater, so he can suck it up and take responsibility for his own actions already. They need to just move on and leave you alone. Oh and Pete spend those points already,sheesh.:P

  • I can not find out to delete the newer one that is not working for me as far as the assassin taget list mode…. please help me

  • I just want to say, I was able to see ONE post from the dude who bashed you Jen. Thankfully, he was dumb enough to say that he commented from another account of his. I was able to switch him AND find his other account from a FB search and have added him to my rivals. Both of these accounts I now smack around when I can and declare war on him when I can. And if any member of Zodiac doesn’t like it I will be more than willing to explain to them the situation

  • Campaign of hate? Seriously? This coming from someone who blatantly posts mafia player’s links on her blog for all of her “friends” to hit and no, this is not her first violation either as she has been doing this for over a year (next will be the actual reporting of player accounts she cannot beat (dull)).

    Copy beta button? LMAO! Yes it is designed to copy, but NOT post all over the place because you are getting your mafia rear end stomped into never-never land; ever heard of passing a link in stealth mode? I guess not, you posted those links on a public page (no your facebook personal page is not private, it is public domain once it’s posted – you should know that by now and if you don’t, you do now). Regardless if it states that no where does it say you cannot post links, you committed the second cardinal sin of mafia wars – first being a reporter of mafia accounts … tsk tsk.

    Regarding your posting of loot from boss fights (how you got yourself into this mess to begin with), I find it quite odd how you don’t keep accurate records of who sends you this stuff (not meeting the demands of said players who are requesting it); you have an organization problem and not only that, since when does that appoint you as judge, jury, and the proverbial executioner of all who got that loot? You do realize some received it inadvertently and have never cheated a day in their life – you should be ashamed for mass labeling these players without the cold hard facts and to quote you, “we all take advantage of glitches while we can, it’s not the end of the world;” that eerily sounds like being a hypocrite.

    Not whining? Did you or did you not just go on a 10 minute rant about this fiasco you created? My dear, there is no such thing as a bully in a war game and when you cross the line of what all of us main stream players know are the rules (written and unwritten), you get everything coming to you.

    Have a good day madam and happy hunting.

  • I HAVE 2 ? R THEY WORKING on the war glitch were wars dont finish? we had 1 with 61 hits-that was a very long screen shot. 2nd issue is the new beg builds [i just say no] but i noticed alot of people posting multiple upgrades claiming that each will offer 4 parts- i thought they only offer 3 parts no matter how mant x posted [btw-u wood b missed miss loot lady by many woo learn alot fr u]

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