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Episode 171: Link Tossing, Not A Good Idea!!

Bubble Safari is all the rage. The gang discusses the relevance of this game to Mafia Wars plus Jennifer provides some tips and tricks. New game features, additions, changes and upcoming events are also discussed. Pete talks about the Health-o-Meter and potential future developements. Jennifer learned the hard way that Mafia Wars contains some unwritten rules.

  • I got a gold key, and used the key after I allowed chests to drop. I saw the chest and saw the key, but no clue if I actually got anything because my browser crashed. I had no chests prior to then,

    Also, in both families I’ve been in, the family chat was the primary means of finding wars and help- primarily because we have members in each in about 10 time zones and speaking a half-dozen languages. The family FB page’s chat comes second. None of us use skype. It’s a lot easier to have FB handle the chat than skype. In fact, copying the help links into FB chat is all we have to do to get a war done in seconds. The Family leaders are mad as hell over the chat being removed (and were even more mad when it was there but not working), and even more so about the revert to the 5 build items – too many of our players, due to sleep schedules, and 5 every 18 is the same as 5 every 24 for those people.

    And, as for the 25 million number – it’s the same BS that’s used by Blizzard to claim 13 million or more World of Warcraft – of course WoW counts all accounts that ever existed (including banned and people who have never paid, just played free trials, and haven’t logged on after the first day, years ago).

  • Just bit of feedback…

    Pete is barely audible at moderately low levels, whereas the two ladies are very audible. In order to hear Pete, the volume has to be increased to a level where Jen and Jana are too loud.

    Could Pete speak closer to the mic, perhaps?

  • My above comment represents a consistent theme throughout several podcasts, btw.

    • Appreciate the feedback. Sometimes I forget to normalize the ladies now and myself up in post-production. I will be more diligent about that. I will also try to be a bit louder.


  • I hate the bubble game. Just like Jana though, I didn’t know the objective was to clear out 10 bubbles on the top until Jen said that on her blog or somewhere. So thanks for that. I really don’t understand why Zynga can’t provide clear instructions if they want us to play it. I shouldn’t have had to go to Jen’s blog to find out what all the different bubbles did. Second day I played it I missed a friend’s war cause I was playing with bubbles and he said oh my 16 year old plays that. Is that really what this has come to? We are forced to play games we don’t like that kids play?

    Lastly, I find it funny how clans think people just know what their “rules” are. I am not in a clan, never have been and don’t want to be. Other people do not dictate to me what the rules, spoken or otherwise are that determine my behavior. Also some of these people, not all but some, demand respect but do not give respect. I am sorry but in my world view respect is earned and not given on demand. If people want their rules followed it is better to ask and not demand, to clearly state what you want and not expect people to just know.

  • what is link tossing i tryed to look it up but to no avail

  • @ Charles… It’s kinda like salad tossing, except not quite as enjoyable for the person on the receiving end. (chuckle)

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