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Episode 176: Special Sauce And Secret Formulas

Live from San Diego, Sort of. Pistol Pete is in San Diego for the ISTE tech conference. If you happen to be in town and at the conference. Stop by the ESSDACK booth to chat him up. Several new things in the game, but nothing spectacular. We hope the next feature in the game will not be yet another Poker season.

  • Well, I have commented on this before. It keeps being said that most families are done with the family properties and I do not believe that is the case so it bothers me. The elite families may be done but there are a lot of families in this game and the small and mid levels are not done. But I guess I will just start ignoring it when that is said and not keep commenting on it, even though it bothers me and makes me feel bad. I do listen to every show, I just don’t comment on them all.

    When it comes to Zynga and health I have 2 thoughts on that. I really don’t think Zynga fully thinks everything through and considers the future implications and ramifications of the actions they make and what might happen with regards to every feature, health is just 1. That being said, I could be wrong when it comes to health because they let people build a lot of health and then started offering skill point reallocation. So maybe once they saw people spent rp’s to reallocate health points, I am quite sure it made them happy. I have always said giving them my money to reallocate my own points was not something I want to do and it was said many times by some that we should do it, that it was a good deal, but it isn’t. It is just paying Zynga for the privilege to move around your own points, and in some cases people spend rp’s to craft early so they are just paying Zynga twice. This is a good deal, but only for Zynga and not for the player. Because I don’t enjoy this game anymore really and I hate Zynga and their money hungry ways, I have gotten very cheap about what I spend my money on.

    Thank you for the shows. I do like to listen to them.

  • They should increase attack damage and take away those +10 and +20 health items that you can craft. That would be easy and pretty fair fix for this health issue. Some players have ridigulous amount of health.

    Our family have had battles where one player in opponents family can keep their family in battle because he could heal every time before we could ice him even thought we had over ten people hitting him and they all won. Even worse he will get points for that healing. We think that this was partly because game could not hande that many attacks on one opponent at the same time which makes high healt players even stronger than they should be. This thing is really starting to hurt this game on many levels.

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