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Episode 180: Time for Trader to GOH!!

Well the crew gets right down to discussing something things which would really help the game. These ideas come from all types of players in the game. They include very simple fixes, like restarting the boss fights, and removing Operations. To the more complex issue of adding Robbing to Family Progression. Lot’s of other ideas were discussed, including removing Trader Goh or revamping, Treasure Chest updates, return of the Raven.

  • I really like the idea of Zynga having a period of time when they let people upgrade existing properties. Give the new players a shot at upgrading them and the people who couldn’t finish them. It has to be discouraging for the new player to see so many properties they can’t do. Sometimes people stop playing and come back so they should have the opportunity as well. For instance military people, like my brother, who just got back from a year in Afghanistan, and other military personnel, they missed time playing because they were serving their country and now have no chance to do all of these properties they missed. I am like Jen though, mine are all done and I just want it that way.

    Regarding the power attack experiment Zynga did, I did not really like it. I did get my ices a bit faster but getting my 150 ices daily has never been a problem for me. I didn’t like it because it seemed as though my fights lost would shoot up to over 30k a day and that’s just from people attacking me. So it greatly increased that, I guess from people fighting faster and longer, I don’t know. I don’t lose much when I fight so that was just from attacks that I lost but since I only fight a few hours a day until I get my 150 ices in, it seemed like a crazy increase in attacks and lost fights to me. But, the main reason I don’t like it is because it did not take into consideration how it would affect the new player or lower level player and I am so tired of Zynga doing that. I saw so many comments about how people need to play smarter and build skills in the right areas but that takes time and new players didn’t get that time and lower level players may not have a lot of health and stamina yet. I just think long time players and Zynga forget about those levels or don’t care. And opinions differ anyway and advice given differs on where to put your points so I imagine some are confused on what to concentrate on anyway. It changes over time, what you should focus on and also depends on personal preferences. People who like to do jobs and don’t fight much may not care if their stamina and health are high. I also wonder how many of the average players out there read the blogs and such and even know when opinions change.

  • Forget which podcast I listened to (since I listened to the last three while on a walk) when it was being discussed about some zynga pop ups not happening. Chrome based browsers seem to quell some popups while Firefox based browsers allow them all. Just a thought :o)

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