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Episode 186: It’s not a Canary, It’s a Venery

Welcome to Brandon Venery, who joins us from his camping trip. If you listen close you can hear the crickets in the background. We have a nice chat bout him joining Team Spockholm. In addition, Jen covers all the game changes, and again there are lots.

  • please talk about zyngas stock prices dropping
    and the economist forecast about zynga

    i’m flipping to a energy account so that i can get godfather points
    and can accomplish the continues task they throw at us

    i don’t care about health
    i have 2300
    i can buy more in new york and
    get the double bonus in Chicago
    i have a billion dollars in the bank why build health

  • With reference to the trading community, until such time a Zynga eliminates secondary accounts, opening up the gifts is a poor idea. I am sorry that this punishes honest players, but there are still to many players that take advantage of this.

    I am really annoyed that Zynga has not resolved the problem with flash. they act like the problem does not even exist. It is not a matter of just having improperly sized scroll bars. The error can effect every numerical value in the game, it can skew your property values as well, and most recently NY bank values.
    Would it be so hard to simply make a post giving a link to a previous version that was more stable?

    I don’t know if the health issue was just lack of vision or a calculated plan to allow players use it for relocation along with rp’s??

    for me, I fight players around level 2500 to 3000 so ices cost me on an average of 1000 plus so 150 ices is in no way reachable so I just pound the players as much as I can and when my stamina is gone, it is gone. I seem to be able to complete missions that require ices and get to ruby on the icing missions. As long as that happens I really don’t care anymore

    Brandon seems like a nice kid, but he’s no Jana. a question about PAC, after being involved Is it just a Zynga dog and pony show or are you still optimistic and believe that Zynga still cares?

    Best to all.

  • Nice format I thought. I get my 150 ices pretty easily in 2 1/2- 3 hours so not sure why it is a problem for so many. I hear that all the time though. If you use a script to do it you have to find the settings that work best for you and ignore what other people say.

    I have always said that the health issue was a calculated plan of Zyngas.Perhaps not in the beginning, but once they saw people were willing to reallocate sp’s and pay for the privilege, they were more than happy to let health continue to grow so people would spend money. Although I have always said sp reallocation was only a good deal for Zynga. I think it is funny how so many who were in favor of it are now changing their tune.

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