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Episode 188: This Is A Game, It Is Supposed To Be FUN!!!

There are lot of things going on in Zyngaland. From lawsuits to resignations, it’s all covered. Despite falling revenue, Mafia Wars shows no signs of slowing down. The Mega Power Attack is back and more features are returning. We have contests, gimmicks and possibly new features on the horizon. The shout outs provide Pistol Pete the opportunity to announce the best idea in the world when it comes to Mafia Wars. Let’s hope Zynga listens!

  • Good show. This game is not fun for me anymore but your shows are. I don’t mind Pete’s rants. I always agree with what he is ranting about and I think ranting helps vent frustrations.

    I am really not that worried about Zynga closing my account and I think your suggestions are excellent. Those pop ups go so fast sometimes if I did get warned I might not see it. Although I only got warned 1 time and I was playing manually. They do need a place to go for important account information. I am far more worried about FB closing my account. If I lost a mini account I would not care but if they closed my main account, I would be upset.

    I love the idea of family property parts being giftable. My family only has 22 people so it takes us forever. I did get a few hundred that day they were giftable and I really don’t see why Zynga won’t make them giftable always.

    Regarding the increased power attack feature, so far the only thing I am not liking is that with the increased attacks on me my fights lost goes up by a lot and much faster than normal. I fought and won 40k in fights but with people attacking me I got credited with 33k in losses. I don’t care for that. I do like how much faster I get my family ices but when you factor in that those 33k in losses it gave me was in under 2 hours of fighting, that is too much. I have to heal every 2 minutes and with no boosted power attack it is usually every 5 minutes. Will new people like this or people without high enough stamina and health, I don’t know and I really don’t think Zynga considers it.

    Oh 1 last thing regarding bandits. On my mini account that had to start in Chicago, bandits pop up all the time if I do jobs. My mini is under level 15 and has like 5 friends. Why does Zynga do this to new players? When I started the game I started in NY, no bandits. My mini can’t even travel to NY. This is incredibly stupid.

  • Hello there. Interesting show.

    A couple of things I would like to comment on. while I can’t speak about others, the fact that they ran multiple gifting events was not a problem. You simply prioritize your needs and go from. there is no item that is so important that not getting it will destroy character.

    player updates I see as a waste of time. The only function they serve is to notify you if you have been tagged by a script. other then that I could care less who is attacking me. Regardless of the out come , I can’t change it, so whats the point. Zynga uses it to inflame players in an effort to get them to spend money just like they have the rivals list. it is a sanctioned cheat. players have no business knowing anything about my character . They need to remove all that access to my info. all you need on the game is the profiles name. that is it.

    Players are supposed to be fighters, not opportunists. they need to start at the top and simply work their way down. For the clan wars, the godfathers and godmothers need to assemble their members profiles and have a start number of ices and an ending number, I will assume that the members will be honest about it

    After contacting the CS depart a couple of times, the gist is the attacks were staggered based on total stamina the numbers 10 -35 were times ones normal damage was increased. I do triple damage almost every time so for every 100 damage I would regularity do, I was supposed to get 2500. that of course did not happen even after applying a fix it patch. If they think this a fix for the heath, they are sadly mistaken. Anyone one who spent a lot of money for health will be irate as this is biased programming. Zynga siding with the fighters, no any game change needs to benefit all players, not just a specific group, in this case upper level fighters.

    I seriously hope you are wrong. If players cant figure this out, why they are getting high amounts of damage something is seriously wrong. that is what CS is for, not simply to replace lost items and game malfunctions. While have serious questions about some of zynga decisions and what appears to be a lack of morals and ethical behavior. I would applaud the live tech support as one of the few good aspects of this game

    I don’t mind if players use scripts as long as they don’t interfere with my game.
    the only one that really bothers me is the war bots. not because I need the loot so much but because one of my enjoyments is simply to help my fellow players. I am sorry people are so insensitive, they are not supposed to act like their characters. I like winning but, their is such a thing as sportsmanship and fair play. I am sorry the trading is pretty much dead but it is the the players themselves who screwed that up. setting the gifting limit at 501 is not going to change things because mini accounts will use that to feed the main player, they just wont be able to help anyone else

    the victory coins need to be swapped out for an item like stamina or energy packs, something that will not put the game in an imbalance, so loot is pretty much out and then shut it down expect for the refill packs. it was a reward for reaching a plateau in the game and I don’t think that players who reached it should be penalized for Zynga’s shortsightedness and failure to act before players were able to accumulate such large amounts

    The problem with the mini packs was the timers. It seemed that each one had an individual one and if I remembered the timer started when it entered the inventory if you activated a head of time, you got an error.

    The Boss fights always confused me. I go in and without exception at some point some one else would pop in having like 3 or 4 hundreds of thousands of points like the could attack people without even being there. It was a strain for me just to get a couple thousand, much less than those people. I don’t even bother anymore

    the boosts are a joke. I thing players should win or lose based on their profile stats. I don’t know of anyone who would win or lose because of a boost

    Well I am whipped, my fingers are not meant to work so hard so I’ll end it here

    best wished to all, GOD Bless


  • I would like to see a once a year option, say the anniversary date of when one started playing to move half of all your accounts skill points to the areas you want. The reason is it takes a good amount of time for a player to figure out not only the strategy of the game but also what you enjoy doing within the game. I think this might generate more interest in the game to play and make yourself “strong” where you want to be. However, if a said player is within the top 50 percent of all players in skill points the option would not be available. I’m sure there are more tweaks to make this interesting to players. Just a thought. Love the show by the way. I just wish all of you would stay more positive about the game given your popularity and influence on other players. I would hope players take your comments as constructive criticisms instead of possibly not liking the game very much as the last few months of shows comes across to me anyhow. :0)

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