Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 190: And A Lightbulb Goes Off

Pete and Jen run solo again. As Janna has become a world traveler or at least a stateside one. Her traveling even has her contemplating moving to the west coast. We digress, most of the discussion this evening is about the newly released Family Icing Event. Which like before has caused nothing but grief over whether people are cheating or not.

  • 1,000 reward points to reset? sheesh! People actually buy reward points? never mind 1,000? wow! I win 99.2% of my fights playing for free and that’s good enough… Level 6,387. 10K indiv attack 10K def, 345K on total attack and def, 15K stamina,14K health…all w/o buying reward points so if u use the proper strategies and play the best events you can do very well for free… nobody will win 100% fights as there’s always someone with more attack/def’loot than you… so just enjoy the game 🙂
    btw-has anyone tried fighting manually? omg…how awkward, mundane and boring…. scripts are nice, tywm 🙂

  • FYI- Perhaps this Family Ice event is a Zynga ‘sting operation’ to bust n’ ban the leader board family’s and members? Hmmm… ynga laid down some impressive cheese bait for the most powerful MW rats 😉

  • pete and jen, can you try to equalize the voices on the pod cast? you can barely hear pete at time and then jens voice comes blaring out of the speakers. it makes it hard to follow the conversation. thanks, tim

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