Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 192: Drive By Trader No Goh Style

Pete, Jana and Jennifer are back and discuss the Family Ice Event results and the scary possibility that more may be on the way. There is a new fighters survey to take and the gang is skeptical as to whether Zynga will listen or not. Problems are brewing in ChefVille and another property is on the way. Pete discusses a cool addition to the Click Trap Remover. If you like Zynga’s Player Updates, you will love the upcoming Spockholm version. Trader No Goh calls it Player Updates…BETTER! Amateur hackers had some fun in a move to destroy a Spockholm project. The joke was on them because they left behind some interesting evidence. Jana brings up the upcoming 200th episode and Pete has big plans in store.

  • The new show after Corner Gas is Hiccups.. with mostly the same gang. I’m from canada… but ontario.. nice listening to you folks instead of reading.. The ices were way too much work.. but it wasn’t worth it in the long run..
    Be good..

  • LOL, yes Pete, I think the audio is nice and evenly balanced now, thanks for the tweaks and the great show as always.
    Can’t wait for the new and improved player updates, and hopefully it may include my ideas about it that I posted on the Spockholm Forum ;-).
    One thing you also may want to consider is tying together the all of the Spockholm pages… there is the FB pages, the Spockholm Forum, and the Podcast page. It would be so cool if there were one website to incorporate all of them together so they are accessible from the same place. hmm? hmm? :-)))

  • I agree with Dave, the sound was good. You all crack me up. Thanks for the great shows.

    That fight survey I took was so dumb. No place to even add additional comments and the options they had for the few questions they asked didn’t cover everything. Why even do surveys if they don’t formulate them correctly and then listen to the answers.

  • I think Pete said bookmarklets online and it should be bookmarklets on standby lol just saying. And yes finally 190 or so episodes later the audio is balanced always full blast on Pete then Jen would talk and to half I put my volume. Not that I’m complaining I wouldn’t be here still if it was that bad of a show. Maybe a link would be a nice touch to.take us to website as its a really long link to type anyhow I think in 200 episodes we’ve seen it all guests(like myself) drama, cancellations delays quitting family stuff mig and OG forming migog for like 2 days Janna leaving mig the toolbar and let’s not forget Pete Lundrigan (pistol pEte) `s video on the toolbar and the humor we got from it. Oh and WHERE’S MY DRINKING GAME !!!! Want it back (and new rules for it) thanks and happy hunting from myself to all the TIP crew and listeners

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