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Episode 194: It’s Raining Spocklets

WOW, the Spockholm crew has been busy…At last count 4 new Spocklets, 2 Toolbar addtions, and Family Exp updated. So here is the run down Player Updates…BETTER!, Request-o-Nator, Beg-o-Meter, VLA-a-Nator. Toolbar features include mwid, fbid fixes, Iceboard Profile Links, and a revamp of the Profile/Stats Page. You have to check it out. Jen and Janna catch us up on the in-game changes, like new VIP loot, a serious Gift Card Purchasing bug, and lots more.

  • The new Spocklets are great, thank you team Spockholm.

  • I love when you guys cover a ton of stuff about the game.
    You all rock and thank you again to Team Spockholm who keep giving us awesome tools to work with.
    Most people don’t know that the FBID link on the profile page is now a hyperlink to the persons FB page… that’s an awesome short cut and will save me a lot of clicks as I use Switch a lot personally.

    Excellent show! 🙂

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