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Episode 200: Bringing Back An Old Familiar Voice

The entire gang unites to reminisce about the journey to where we are now, the Big 200.  Don’t worry for those that do not like the chatter only, Jen does attempt to get  a summary of game changes in, every now and then. However, I guest usually does not let it happen.

  • Congratulations on show number 200!!!! I was not listening back when Chester was on the show so it was nice to hear him and all of you together. I do really enjoy when you talk about old times.

    Jen, when Chester interrupts you give him the glare like I give my husband and if that doesn’t work smack him. lol

    Thank you for doing these shows and to continued success for you all.

  • Well say Hi for me, I have been out of the loop for so long I don’t know what is going on anymore. Hope all is well IN Mafia Wars.

  • Congrats on the 200 Episodes! Nice to hear you all having fun! Thanks for all the laughs.

  • The only thing I miss about the game is the comraderie with my fellow players. Jana, Mike, Chester, Jen & Pete I miss you guys.


    PS I tried playing the drinking game and doing a scorecard but I’m out of practice and a complete lightweight now. It took me several hours just to write this comment. Alcohol is a wonderful thing.

  • Congrats on 200! :-))

  • well I am way behind on these and just now got to hear this milestone episode.
    Chester is mega entertaining! I wasn't listening back when he was doing the show, but what a fun show this was, I wish he could be there for every episode.
    there's an idea, he could be the host of the show just to keep us entertained and interview Pete/Jana/Jen and ask them about the game. c'mon Chester, you know you wanna 😛

    the new page format is looking good here too, nice job Pete 😉

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