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Episode 202: Heavy Breather, Even Pixie Wants On The Show

Jenn brings Pixie to the show, and you can hear her panting in the background. Pistol Pete thought maybe we needed more air in the Hopper for Mike. We it probably could not be avoided but we had more Farmville Talk, becuase of the level 20 requirement, as opposed to, previous level 12 in other cross promotions. Janna hits another personal milestone of 60k ices, while Jenn hits her Health goal. Send us a message or call and leave us a voicemail with your personal achievements, we would like to air them. Pistol Pete mentions the Brag button in the Beg-o-meter. Zynga adds new social support site, concerns about it being unmoderated have people concerned about its long time viability. The Droid MB had been pulled but have now returned. Some have been able to collect 20 about 4 times.

  • Congrats to Jana. I reached my goal of 100k in ices this week but since a script did the majority of mine, your reaching your goal is far more impressive. Also since a script was running and I was not even at my pc, I was 200 ices past 100k before I even noticed. 

    I wish I had used the brag button when I had gotten 100% parts for my property and didn't. Too late now, not at 100%. I still like to check the Beg-O-Meter to see where I am.

    So FV2 sucks. I had gotten to level 6 before the cross promo came out. I am not even to level 9 now. It is too slow and I think level 20 is too much to ask of us. I might not keep playing. In another game I play ( wont mention the name cause people mock me), I only had to get to level 3 to get the rewards. And funny enough, in that game I never actually receive the cross promo items and always have to go to support, and in this case I got my items in under 10 mins. In MW, I would still be arguing with them.

  • Finally went over 10,000 ices last week, now at 10,500+ when I even noticed; thank you Assassin-a-Nator! 😉 Just never seem to get to Level 14 anymore on these limited properties, and that is sad, is it just that much harder now/more parts required? Or is it I have a life now and cannot post every 8 hours, LOL! ;p
    Great show as always, onward to show 300 if we all are still playing…

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